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Our contractor websites are designed to build credibility and trust—with your ideal clients AND your ideal hires.

“We have high expectations and John exceeded them. CWG finally has a website that conveys who we are as a company. We could not more highly recommend the experience and expertise that John provided.”
Portrait of a 2 Hour Website client
Cassidy Blanton
CWG Architecture
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Trades websites suck, and here’s why:

The web design process is not made for busy contractors. It’s made for busy design agencies.

Back in 2018, a civil engineer I knew wanted to redesign his website. He knew it sucked and that his dream clients weren’t taking him seriously because of it.

So he hired someone to redesign and build his site.

He soon discovered that the design process was difficult, time consuming and extremely frustrating.

He spent hours on Zoom calls over the 4-6 week design process, and by the end, he was ready to tear his hair out.

Finally, he fired the designer and continued to tolerate his original low quality site.

Despite the fact that 75% of users admit to judging a business’s credibility based on its design (source).

The situation wasn’t ideal, but he had way too much work to do. It just didn’t seem like the website was going to be worth the time and effort.

Contractors like you want “simple”

You WANT a website that makes you feel like a legend.

You WANT your dream clients to be clamoring for your attention and competing for your limited schedule.

You WANT your ideal employees to beg for a spot on your team, eager for the chance to work.

But you’re already too busy to focus on anything but your current workload.

You can’t see how you can get that dream website without having to spend hours making it happen.

And all the while, your work wouldn’t be getting done.

Does that sound like you?

If so, you’re exactly the type of person I can help.

Tradesmen want to know three simple things:

  • Their web designer understands their business
  • The final product will to look great and need no work
  • Their designer is going to respect their time.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering.

A contractor website that will:

  • Hook your dream prospects
  • Turn them into PAYING CLIENTS
  • With no monthly fees or long-term contracts
  • Be super easy to maintain
  • Require no pointless Zoom calls

Only TWO HOURS of your time required from start to finish

You want simple?
I’ll give you simple

Remember the story about the civil engineer?

Yeah, you guessed right. I was the annoying designer that got fired.

I’m John Kakuk, the chief geek behind The 2 Hour Website.

In my early days, I loved building contractor websites.

But contractors hated working with me—because I used the same torturous design process that everyone else uses.

After that experience, I decided that the process needed to be fixed.

I spent weeks working in the field and talking to contractors.

All so I could learn exactly what you need, what your customers want, and the best way to make it happen.

And since that first failure in 2018, I’ve helped dozens of businesses to accomplish just that. Just ask my clients:

Example contractor website

Your dream website in 2 hours of work or less

Believe me, I’ve got this down to a science.

Here’s the exact process I follow to churn out super-high quality contractor websites—all with only 2 hours of input required from my busy clients.

Step 1: Choose Your Design

I have a library of designs built for trade businesses exactly like yours.

All you need to do is look through them and choose the one you like best.

WARNING: To prevent oversaturation, I retire each design after 10 uses and replace it with a new one. So choose quick!

Step 2: Tell Us About Your Company

We’ll start off with a 15 minute phone call. At this stage, we’ll sign an agreement and start the project.

After that, there’s a very simple onboarding process for you or your team to go through at your own pace.

On average, the onboarding process takes about 90 minutes.

Step 3: Get Your Site in 7-10 Business Days

After you submit your onboarding document, I’ll take what you’ve given me and write your website’s content.

I’ll also choose stock photography (or choose from your photos) to make your site look its best. When it’s ready, I’ll deliver it to you and deploy it once you give approval.

I sometimes request an extra 15 minute call in this stage to ask further questions. (Besides, the 1 Hour and 45 Minute Website doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. 😉)

And boom! The site goes live and you’re ready to go.

“I just want to say thank you. My excitement for our new site and your making it come to life and be easy to use is just such a monumental moment. I thank you to reaching out to us and taking this burden off of me/us.”
Portrait of a 2 Hour Website client
Alisa Etzel
Stahly Engineering

My guarantee

I’m a prideful creature, and there is little that I won’t do to earn a happy customer. So I guarantee you’ll be happy with your design and the content that I write for it.

If you’re not happy, I’ll keep working until you are.

A fantastic review is worth a lot to me, and I’ll do whatever needs doing in order to earn it.

So let’s maximize your chances of building that business that will change lives.

The 2 Hour Website


A premium contractor website that will:

  • Help you establish significantly more credibility for your trades business
  • Require only 2 hours of work
  • Cost a fraction of what a marketing agency would charge (source)


  • Your choice of design from my library of super-high quality contracting websites
  • Turnaround time of just 7-10 days
  • Professionally written and edited content
  • High-quality imagery from Adobe Stock
  • 3 second loading speed or faster
  • Responsive design on all devices
  • 100% guaranteed to make you happy (or I keep working until it does)


Devyn Parrott


John was great! Very professional and informative. He is a great communicator and met all deadlines ahead of time.

June 3, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

David Britz


Not much more to add here – John was easy to work with and communicated well. Having this website done was way faster and better than I could have done myself. Even made videos as the progress continued, to show me the progress and give tutorials. Afterward I got an “install package” that I could log in and install myself. Well worth the investment!

June 27, 2018


Ruta Sipkauskaite


The job was done on time and exactly as expected. Thank you very much!

July 6, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Jackson Peterson


Great work ethic, and always able to make changes within minutes of contact him.

July 27, 2018


Shawna Linquist


John was awesome!! I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone else. Not only did he do a top notch job but his communication was amazing.

July 11, 2018


Alese Stroud


John communicates very well – both timely and informative. Also, he does great work!

July 16, 2018


David Schlais


Second time I have come back for his great work, looking forward to partnering on many projects in the future. Handled all revisions quickly, took feedback well, and crushed this project!

July 31, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Amy Golan


I really enjoyed working with John. He did a fantastic job of listening to what I wanted and helping me create my vision with a beautiful website. He was extremely thorough and paid attention to every detail and answered every question I had. I highly recommend him and will work with him again on my next project.

August 1, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Amie Seagal


John helped me build a website on WordPress and did a fantastic job. He has a good eye for aesthetics and is thoughtful about information flow. He walked me through the entire process and gave me all the support I needed to get started.

August 19, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Sarah Hicken


John is an outstanding designer!! I needed a website for my makeup artistry business. I wanted something elegant and classic but still needed something very unique for me. Because of his amazing resume as a photographer, he adjusted the pictures so they would be the best for a fast website.

He communicated all of the steps that he was going to take and walked me through changes and updates. He took the time to teach me how to update my website!! It is amazing to have a site that offers such a high end feel. He took extra time on my pricing page to make it so unique and easy to understand. It is truly a one of a kind.

The support he offers to make sure everything is running great is so nice! The quality of work was incredible and I am so excited to show all of my clients my website. I 110% recommend John. You will not be disappointed. Thank you John!

August 22, 2018


Sun Yun


John did a great job for what I was asking for in the short deadline I had. I would certainly hire him again.

September 1, 2018


Will Appiah


John was the best! His communication and commitment to the project was spectacular. He was not afraid to use his expertise to ensure the website came out perfect. He had a lot of useful feedback that he believed will help my website achieve the goals that I set for it.

His experience with building websites and has a strong focus on his client satisfaction helped his excel on this project. He takes his craft seriously and you can tell he takes great pride in his work. Major kudos to John. I plan to work with him again!

September 11, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Michael Gingrich


John did an excellent job on our project and exceeded our exceptions! He has great communication skill; he listened well, understood our direction , and flawlessly implemented our vision. He possesses a rare balanced combination of artistic design ability and advanced technical skills. I would highly recommend John for your projects.

October 21, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Phoenyx Austin


It was an absolute pleasure working with John! He showed great attention to detail and I was so impressed with his professionalism and quality of work that I intend to hire him for much bigger projects in the near future. A great freelancer and highly recommend!

November 18, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Peter Darrow


John is an absolute wizard and great guy. He did an incredible with both of my sites. I cannot highly recommend him more. He’s extremely detail oriented and efficient. Very knowledgeable. You’re biggest mistake as an entrepreneur would be NOT hiring this guy!

November 24, 2018


Zach Harbor


John was great to work with! Would definitely be willing to work with him again on future projects!

December 3, 2018


Mark Moore



December 11, 2018


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Lipa Steinberg


John is awesome to work with, he will always go the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

December 21, 2018


Paul Midler


John’s a good guy. He communicates well, and has enthusiasm for his work. While we had a few hiccups, they were quickly resolved. I recommend John to others looking for website development.

January 2, 2019


Jeff Brandi


Five stars across the board are not enough to describe my experience with John. In addition to providing excellent work, John was highly responsive, offered ideas and suggestions to help me provide better solutions, and was a great communicator throughout the process.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great experience on this platform, and I look forward to working with him again.

April 28, 2019


Aaron Itzkovitz


John did an excellent job on our website! He was clearly very dedicated to the project and very succinct and clear in articulating any technical issues he faced or questions he might have had. We’re very satisfied with the site he built.

June 26, 2020


Michael Williams


John Kakuk is the man! He committed to my client project with a relatively quick deadline and restricted budget and blew it out of the water. He worked tirelessly to ensure the job was done right and to our quality specs. I have already hired him for further projects. I highly recommend John K!

August 12, 2020


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

John DeJac


This is the second project I’ve hired John Kakuk for and he has once again exceeded expectations. He showed relentless commitment to my company and worked long hours to help us meet critical deadlines on an important and complicated website.

He worked tirelessly to ensure the job was done right and to our quality specs after numerous revisions. I once again highly recommend John!

September 19, 2020


Shawna Collins


I highly recommend John! I run 4 businesses and have worked with many many folks over the last 25 years. John is first class and very dependable. His work is first rate and he is super easy to work with too. He is very schedule oriented and can meet the deadlines required. Tks John!

January 12, 2021


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Mikolka Morrill


John was absolutely exceptional. This project was a large lift & on a ridiculously tight deadline. John was wonderful every step of the way, from helping us craft the right approach, provide feedback and wireframes extremely quickly, and generally implement everything we needed in short order.

We had a ton of 1-off asks, multiple stakeholders who all had different opinions and feedback, and multiple JS widgets that needed to be implemented. He dealt with us, and the projects with ease & professionalism.

I would recommend John to anyone looking for a professional, talented, and generally phenomenal partner for design & implementation of any website.

January 12, 2021


Jason Bennett


Great work as usual. Fast and great designer.

Everything looks great with the website. Another solid project in the books from John K!

January 13, 2021


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Alissa Chavez


John was absolutely amazing! All I can say is I wish more people were like John. His work ethic and communication skills are phenomenal. Our company was very indecisive throughout the entire process but John remained patient and understanding at all times.

April 5, 2021


Portrait of a 2 hour website client

Gaba, ADM


Try to match speed + quality and tell me if you find anyone faster than John. I dare you.

But jokes aside. It was a really high quality job. The website looks great.

Website speed is something I’m always very picky about, we got a score of 96. My previous site which was already optimized got a 50. 10/10

October 26, 2021


Jaleel Gilbert


John did excellent work on this project. I enjoyed working with him every step of the way.

July 27, 2022

You have questions?
I have answers

I want you to be sure you’re making the right decision before we even speak.

Are these templates/themes?

NO. Well, kind of.

My websites are a happy medium between templates and full-custom sites. Whereas templates are sold by the thousands, my 2 Hour Website designs are only sold to a maximum of 10 people before being retired.

Additionally, I never allow two contractors who serve the same area to use the same design.

By using the design multiple times, I’m able to make more money in less time, which allows me to charge significantly less than I do for a full-custom website.

Everybody wins!

What does a 2 Hour Website cost?

I charge $3,997 up front, due on the day of our first phone call. Alternatively, you can split your investment into 3 monthly payments of $1,500.

If you’re interested in earning some of your money back, I also have a generous referral program you can take advantage of. See below for details.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes I do! If you send me a client who buys a 2 Hour Website, I’ll cut you a check for $1,000 as soon as their first payment clears.

If they end up ordering something custom, I’ll pay you 10% of the total project up to $2,000.

Do you do full-custom websites?

I do! The 2 Hour Website’s parent company, Bridger Digital, offers full-custom website design.

This is a great choice for those who need complete exclusivity of their design, or who have very specific requirements that aren’t fulfilled by the 2 Hour Website designs.

If you want to talk about that, contact my helpful team at

Do you offer hosting?

If you don’t have your own hosting provider, I am happy to host the site for you. I charge $100 a month, and that includes personal support provided by myself or my US-based team. (To see what’s included, check out the next question.)

NOTE: Even if I host your site, YOU still own it. You are free to choose other hosting solutions and copy your site away at any time. I will never, ever hold your site hostage.

Do you offer maintenance?

Yes. In order to prevent monthly payments being required, maintenance is not included. However, a maintenance program is available for $150 per month. This includes:

  • Unlimited personal tech support provided by myself or my US-based team
  • Weekly security inspections and reports
  • Plugin, theme and WordPress security updates
  • Hack/malware attack prevention and repair
  • Website speed optimization

If I provide your hosting, all of these tasks become a LOT easier for me and my team. As a result, I’ll give you a $50 monthly discount.

Have more questions?

Shoot me an email at and I’ll get it answered in 1 business day.